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Welcome to The Jersey Community Relations Trust

The Jersey Community Relations Trust was set up as a charity by the States of Jersey in 2004 and is run by a Committee of eight trustees, including one States Member.

Our mission is to promote equality of treatment and opportunity in our community.

                                       "Women and the Confidence Gap"

The Workshop "Women and the Confidence Gap" which was held on the 3rd March 2015 was attended by 20 leading business women.   

The facilitator was Christine Gilkes of Cybele Offshore Limited an NLP Practitioner and Lecturer in Psychology at Hull University.

The Workshop explored issues of confidence in the workplace and how women often feel less confident than their male counterparts even if they have similar skill sets.  It was agreed that women need positive role models and should have a sponsor or mentor in the workplace to support them  as they move through their career.  Women have the ability to build strong working relationships and should capitalise on this strength.

Women should ask for promotion because it is not enough to work hard and expect to be rewarded, Having potential is not merely about being competent; confidence is a part of potential. 

Confidence is being "assured and certain of having the ability, judgement and the resources needed to succeed"   The Workshop enabled the participants to explore this definition in the context of their own careers.







Education Report

The JCRT publishes the first ever report on equality in the Jersey education system.

The Trust commissioned Professor Tony Kelly from the University of Southampton to examine equality of opportunity and wellbeing in the Jersey school system. The report looks in particular at the experiences of pupils from low-income families, children with special educational needs and children for whom English is an additional language.

The full report by Professor Kelly along with the Trust's abridged version can be found on our What we Do Page - Education.

The Trustees welcome feedback from any interested parties - email info@jerseycommunityrelations.org in the first instance.


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The Jersey Community Relations Trust is committed to social reform.
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