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Your Rights

The Trust does not give advice on individual cases. However, we have produced a series of guides that outline in broad simple terms what your rights are under Jersey law and what you can do if you feel that you have been discriminated against in various contexts including employment, housing and education. They are not intended to be relied on as, nor are they a substitute for, legal advice which should be taken from a local firm of Advocates where necessary.

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"What is Discrimination?" - A guide to the different forms of discrimination and the characteristics that are often protected by discrimination legislation

"Draft Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2000-" - A guide to the proposed law

"Gender Recognition (Jersey) Law 2009" - A guide to transsexuals' rights to gender recognition in Jersey

"Human Rights (Jersey) Law 2000" - A guide to your rights under the European Convention of Human Rights and how you can enforce those rights in Jersey

"Discrimination in Employment" - A guide to your legal rights under the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003

"Maternity Rights in Jersey" - A guide to time off work for ante-natal care, maternity leave, maternity pay and the right to return to work

"Complaints against the Police" - A guide to making a complaint against the States of Jersey Police

"Housing Discrimination - States Rental Properties" - A guide to your rights in relation to the allocation of States Housing

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