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Anti-bullying Service

Workplace and Community Bullying and Harassment Information, Counselling and Support Service


Following a survey in 2010 that identified a need for an anti-bullying service for those above school-age, the Trust established a pilot counselling scheme, the “Workplace and Community Bullying and Harassment Information, Counselling and Support Service” in September 2011. This is the first such program on the Island that specifically targets adults who are not covered by existing services.

Download our leaflet here: JCRT Antibullying Leaflet

Do you feel that you are being bullied / harassed? Not sure?
Here are some examples of bullying behaviour:

  • Ridiculing, demeaning, humiliating someone, including spreading rumours or making individuals feel left out.
  • Unwelcome sexual advances - touching, standing too close, display of offensive materials.
  • Making threats or comments about job security without foundation.
  • Overbearing supervision or other misuse of power or position.
  • Preventing individuals progressing by intentionally blocking training opportunities.

What we offer:

  • Information Support or Counselling
    • We offer face to face, telephone or email support.
    • We are able to offer an assessment session to help you decide which support is right for you. After the initial assessment, up to six free counselling sessions are available.
    • Your counsellor will be professionally trained and BACP qualified
  • Other Support
    • We could accompany you to Jersey Advisory Conciliation service (JACS), the Police, or help you to speak to your employer.

Contact our counsellor

For more information, please contact our counsellor in confidence:

Tel: 07797 969997
Email: anti-bullying@jerseycommunityrelations.org

Other sources of assistance:

Citizens Advice Bureau

free phone 0800 735 0249 www.cab.org.je


24 hour helpline 725555 or 08457 909090 or email: jo@samaritans.org

We are grateful for the financial support of this service by the Association of Jersey Charities


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