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The Housing Law, together with the Regulation of Undertakings and Development Law, enables Jersey to manage its migration.

In summary, the Housing Law of 1949 requires every person who wishes to buy or lease a property to have the prior consent of the Housing Minister, and stringently defines the ability to qualify for such consent; either by virtue of a period of residence, or due to hardship, essential employment or wealth.
The ability to qualify is determined by Housing Regulations 1970. Sub sections (a) to (n) of paragraph 1 set out the criteria for granting residential qualifications, hence the well-known local terms of ‘a’, ‘h’, ‘j’ and ‘k’

The vast majority of people on the island gain their qualifications through a period of residence. While a variety of detailed provisions exist, the most common route to securing residential qualifications is an aggregated period of ten years residence for persons born locally, or eleven years continuous residence for persons born outside the island.

Further details can be found on the States of Jersey website


The Trust believes that further research should be undertaken, particularly to look at the wider social and economic consequences of Jersey’s two tier housing system. We believe that the potential for exploitation is increased for people in unqualified accommodation.

The long wait for housing qualifications and the high cost of buying a house requires a fresh appraisal.
Equal access to rental properties and home ownership is a cornerstone of social justice.


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