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Women and Leadership


On 22 May 2012, the Trust released the first report of its kind on the status of women in Jersey. The report considered issues of inequality and discrimination affecting women and highlights areas that require urgent action.

The report was written at the invitation of the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) in London for submission to the United Nations (UN).

Report Highlights

  • A low representation of women in the States Assembly and other decision-making positions
  • The high cost of childcare
  • The absence of discrimination legislation or legislation on maternity or parental leave and flexible working.
  • A lack of statistics relating to the pay differences between men and women performing comparable roles, without which it is impossible to address this potential issue.
  • The astonishing assumption in Jersey based on the Income Tax Law 1961, that the income of a married woman is deemed to be that of her husband.

Click here to read the full report: CEDAW Alternative Report 2012

Action on one of our recommendations:

 The Trust was delighted with the overwhelming support for the breakfast seminar Advancing Women in Politics & Public Life in October 2013. Over 160 people attended the event, which was generously supported by EY.

 Dame Tessa Jowell gave the keynote speech in which she highlighted the fairness aspect of the equality debate and the financial benefits of equal representation in business and politics. She also discussed the importance of affordable childcare and the ongoing need to tackle unacceptable levels of domestic violence.

Saturday 13th September 2014 - "How the States Assembly Works "

This was our final workshop in the Women in Politics series and demonstrated how the Assembly of the States of Jersey make decisions. There was also a session on influencing and negotiation skills and how to be assertive in a political environment. We are extremely grateful to Michael De La Haye O.B.E. Greffier of the States and Lisa Hart, Deputy Greffier of the States for taking the time on the day to explain the workings of the Assembly. Their input was invaluable and will surely be of help to those who are standing for election for the first time. A copy of the Powerpoint presentation is available so if you want a copy please email us at info@jerseycommunityrelations.org.


The Workshop which was held on 9th August considered the types of media, why it is effective to work with the media, interview techniques, advertising and social media. There was also a practical application relating to press releases and a case study. There is a handout so if you want a copy please contact info@jerseycommunityrelations.org


The Workshop which was held on the 12th July on "How to Plan a Successful Election Campaign" was hosted by Deputy Susie Pinel and former Deputy Jacqui Huet. Issues which were covered included "Where Should I Stand", "Who are my Electorate", "How do I prepare a Manifesto", The Campaign" and "How do I plan Election Day". There is a handout so if you want a copy please contact info@jerseycommunityrelations.org





An Evening with Diane Abbott MP at the Grand Hotel on the 30th June 2014 was a very successful event. We were joined by Deputies Labey, Vallois and Pinel and an audience of 120 people. A number of interesting questions were asked from the floor relating to discrimination and why there should be more women in government. Diane made an interesting point in that a Parliament should closely reflect the diverse nature of the community which it serves. As women make up at least 50% of the workforce in Jersey then it is appropriate that there are more women in the States' Assembly.

Women In Business Report

Women In Business report can be downloaded here.

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